About the Author:
Linda Goldspink-Lord.

Linda Goldspink-Lord has played many roles in her life: daughter, sister, mother, wife, friend, CEO and business founder. And now she takes on a new role: that of author. A natural storyteller, this is the book Linda needed to write. About being grateful for what we have. Remembering what we’ve lost. Being aware of where we’ve come from, and looking forward to where we’re going.

Linda is an advocate for resilience and growth. Her own complex experiences in life, family and career have led her to a place of great understanding and awareness. As someone who is driven to educate others, Linda is determined to share her own life-changing experiences, as a way of empowering others.

She lives with her husband Pete and their kids, horses and dogs, in the Illawarra region of NSW. Crawling Through the Darkness is Linda’s first book.

"This is an inspirational read with some incredibly powerful and poignant messages, but also some important reminders for all of us - as parents, as friends and ultimately, as members of humanity."

- Michaela Burkitt.

"Every so often a book lands in your hands that activates your soul and radiates through your entire being. Linda shares with us so deeply, openly, and reverently that we are exquisitely held while we traverse the full spectrum of our feelings. This isn’t just a book about grief - it’s a book about hope and love. It’s a timely and vital gift for humanity."

- Zoe Naylor Actor, Activist & Producer.

"This book is an absolute gem, especially for anyone experiencing the loss of a loved one. It is an honest, heartbreaking account of honest and raw grief, but it also brims with love, hope and strategies to inspire in your darkest hour. It made me feel more optimistic about the afterlife."

- Mary Suliman.

“Linda shares her story of heartache, and finding happiness, with candour and love. Having her trust me to share her story was an absolute honour.”

– Woman's Day.

"To describe Linda Goldspink-Lord's book is to describe the author herself: warm, engaging and full of hope. Crawling Through the Darkness is a reminder that the human spirit can prevail in even the most trying circumstances, and why it's worth keeping going and never giving up. We are delighted to help bring Linda's message to a wider audience."

- Jon McDonald, Booktopia.

"Thank you to the author for sharing such a personal story about her family's loss and their grief. This story will touch deeply anyone who has experienced loss and grief, and reinforces the message that life is ephemeral and for us all to be present in the moment."

- Nic, Goodreads.

"I can say without a doubt that this book is going to stick with me for an extremely long time and I really do encourage anyone and everyone to read it (given you are in the right mental space)."

-  Ellsbooknook.

"Having lost a child and suffered my own traumas throughout life, reading this book really explains the grief & loss journey and gives hope to others who are also crawling through the darkness. Linda writes as she speaks...with genuine warmth, compassion and inspiration."

-  Debbie Roberts.