Finding Direction in Dreams 

Finding Direction in Dreams 

Do you believe in the power of dreams?

I’ve always been a big observer of my dreams, which I find fascinating.Because sometimes they make no sense, but sometimes they absolutely do.

In the lead-up to launching Crawling Through the Darkness, many interesting things happened, both in my reality and in my dreams. 

It’s been the first project where I truly had no expectations.Many people around me asked if I was nervous or anxious or worried about the book finally being launched, but I honestly felt none of these emotions. 

My family and I had done all the hard work to get to this point, so releasing this book into the world found me feeling surprisingly calm. I was also asked about how I would market it? Would it be available in bookstores? Would I have a big advertising budget? And soon. But unlike other business ventures, I didn't have a clear plan. I just had this quiet belief that the book would land wherever it needed to.

Still Molly must have felt I needed some further reassurance. 

One morning, the week before the book launch, I woke with absolute confidence that Molly was with me every step of the way in the journey ahead. Because she came to me in a dream. 

Let me give you some context.

Not so long ago, my husband Peter decided to surprise me with a helicopter flight over the coast down at Torquay in Victoria. It all sounded wonderful, and as I’d been on one helicopter ride before, I had no fear or concerns. 

That all changed once we took off. 

It was windy, the helicopter was small and the pilot was young. I surprised myself when I felt this irrational fear taking over me and when it became obvious that I was not coping, the planned hour-long trip lasted five minutes. I decided then and there, that helicopters and I were not a good match.

Back to my dream.

I dreamt that I was in a helicopter and sitting in the back seat and I was terrified. My hands covered my eyes but through the cracks I could see Molly sitting on her dad's lap and she was flying the helicopter.  

In the next moment, I was sitting in the front passenger seat, still covering my face with my hands, but peeking through like you do when you are watching a horror movie. I could still see Molly flying the helicopter and just smiling at me from time to time. 

The scene changed, and I was no longer covering my eyes. I was smiling and laughing, and enjoying every moment, even when Molly started dipping the helicopter. As I looked over to see Molly beaming at me.

What did it mean?

It took me a while to realise and then suddenly it was so very obvious. Molly was reminding me that I had nothing to be fearful of. She was with me all the way, encouraging me, guiding me and as always sitting beside me and reminding me I could face any fears. I was just a passenger on this new journey with my book. She was also telling me that I didn't have to have a plan or know where I was headed, because she was in charge. She was the pilot and the one leading the way, guiding and deciding where we should land

Oh my beautiful girl. You are always with me.