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Finding Your Support

When dealing with grief and loss, there will be times when you need to put up your hand and ask for help. 

As humans, we’re hardwired to support each other, but it can be difficult to ask for help. And sometimes we don’t even know what help we need. 

Support people

I’ll always be so grateful to the friends who showed up for me when I needed them most. It was a gift. 

Sometimes my shoulders were struggling under the weight of carrying so much pain - not just my own pain, but the pain of others. I needed to share the load. Sometimes, just having someone to sit with me and remind me that I still had a life after my loss, was enough. 

There is so much power in friendship and kindness, but as a society, we often feel fearful of reaching out to people. We’re lost for what to say or what to do. 

Small things make a big difference

The most important thing is to reach out. Many people are facing daily obstacles, just knowing someone is there and thinking of them is powerful. 

After Molly’s death, I was touched to be shown how wonderful people can be, time and again. 

The unwavering support of friends, family and loved ones meant I was able to go on to create a life built on clarity, purpose, love and joy. 

Often when we’re reeling from loss, it’s the life admin and daily decisions that are the hardest to deal with. What to have for dinner? Which bills to pay? Do clothes need to be washed? When friends and family took these decisions out of hands it was a true gift. 

Gestures of support don’t have to be grand. A cooked meal left on someone’s doorstep is worth it’s weight in gold. 

Who can you reach out to support? Or if you know someone who’s suffering, what small thing could you do to ease their burden? Rather than asking what you can do to help, take a decision out of their hands and take action. They’ll be forever grateful.