My Why

My Why

I’ve played many roles in my life. Mother. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Business owner. Animal lover. This year I’m taking on a new role, that of author.

I’m sharing my story, in the hope that it will help and inspire others who have suffered major losses and grief in their lives. 

Writing a book and sharing my most personal thoughts, feelings and experiences might seem like a crazy thing for me to do. After a long journey from darkness to light, why would I want to retrace my steps?

For me, it’s because the lessons learnt on each step of the journey were so powerful and transformational, that every cell of my being told me I needed to share them. With blessings from my family and from the people who’ve carried me, guided me and allowed me to continue and learn, I lovingly offer my new book: Crawling Through the Darkness

As clichéd as it may sound, if this book can create positive change in one person, then it has been worth it. If by reading this book someone finds hope, then it has been worth it. If they allow themselves those heart wrenching moments, to feel the pain and also the joy, associated with grief, then it has been worth it. If they understand that the people we love never really leave us, then it is the most incredible gift from Molly to the world. 

Molly is my beloved daughter. My world imploded on the 11th July 2012, when she was tragically killed in an accident. 

I was so fearful of how my family would cope. 

Well-meaning friends and frantic google searches painted a picture of marriage break up, family dysfunction, and personal breakdown beyond repair. It scared the hell out of me. I needed to find a different narrative, not with a fairy tale ending, but one that showed I might one day reconnect with joy and hope again. 

From deep within me, and guided by Molly, I began to seek a different possibility. One that didn’t involve self-medication or marriage breakup or complete withdrawal from life. While at the same time allowing myself and my family to feel every aspect of the deep deep grief associated with great loss. 

It is difficult to watch someone experiencing great sadness, and we mean well when we encourage people to stay strong or move on, but we’re denying them the chance to transform. 

Grief is a dimension of love and what I have learnt in my journey is that grief, just like love, has the enormous power to completely change lives.

For me grief was a powerful consequence of all that I have loved and lost, and my journey required so many stops and starts, roadblocks and detours that I had to navigate every time. It hasn’t been easy but now I can look back and realise how far I have travelled and the gifts that Molly has given us.

So many of us have our own stories of pain and loss. Some we share and others remain untold.

Thank you for being here. This is a place where sharing is encouraged. Not only stories of grief, but also love, life, resilience and purpose. I’d love for you to join me on this journey. Nothing brings me more joy than meaningful connection, so please feel free to reach out and contact me at any point. 

Linda x